The truth behind Prince William and Prince Harry's feud

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Royal expert Katie Nicholl told Fox News that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle separating from Prince William and Kate Middleton and moving out of Kensington Palace is actually good for the brothers, as it will allow Harry to go from “the spare” heir to being his own man. “Harry will have more freedom, Harry will have the ability to break out on his own. Remember, it’s not easy being the spare. Harry has not had a role carved out and predetermined for him the way that William does as a future king,” Nicholl said. “And so Harry has had to find that role for himself. I think he’s done a remarkable job at doing that and he has always had his brother’s support.”

She added that Meghan did play a role in the brothers’ distance, but it wasn’t her alleged diva antics, as most people think. “I think it was always going to be a case of Harry wanting to branch out on his own when he finally got married, and with Meghan, he found a strong, confident, capable woman,” Nicholl said. “And so I think the relationship with the brothers … more likely than not, will improve because they with both have more space.”