The Internet Is Rallying Around This Verizon Employee Who Was Suspended After Rescuing A Cat

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After trying for hours to get a cat down from a light rod, neighbors were relieved to see Maurice German that the Verizon worker using a cherry picker on a nearby street. They he obliged and asked him to help. Verizon suspended him, but the story doesn & rsquo; t stop there after viewing the heartwarming story on the news.

Princess Momma the cat was in a very uncomfortable situation. Nothing worked, although she was perched atop a tall, narrow pole for nearly 12 hours trying to get her down. A group of neighbors had even tried calling the fire department and animal control, but it was all to no avail.

When they detected Maurice German and his team of Verizon workers on a nearby street with a cherry picker, they asked him to help. Everything was recorded by one of them and it even ended up on the information. That’s when Maurice was suspended by Verizon.

Why He Was Suspended

Even though it might appear that way, it ought to be noted that Verizon isn’t (completely) that the big bad wolf. A company spokesperson said no one at Verizon takes any “joy” by suspending Mr. German.

Bored Panda

However, German’s actions presented a serious safety issue. The picker equipment was not safe to use on that particular street. Matters could have ended tragically for Maurice, his coworkers, Princess Momma, or some of the bystanders.

Although Maurice German has been suspended from Verizon, he still has a job. In addition, he has more than that! By setting a Go Fund Me for him up the community rallied around German. In under a month, the $2,400 goal was exceeded by nearly $1,000.

Maurice stuck out his neck for Princess Momma, and his community stuck their necks out for him. He won’t suffer during the suspension although the outcry didn & rsquo; t lead to his suspension being rescinded. Good deeds do go unpunished.