The celebrity double-denim Seems of all time

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Cast your mind back to the days.

The slouchy throwback mood could be an Instagram mainstay for the young girls who control eight-digit online followings, but in fact double lace is markedly different from most other fashion styles since it has held fast as the ungendered uniform of the famous and non-famous alike because its rebellious beginnings.

The phrase “Canadian tuxedo” is because he wore an outfit that is all-denim after Bing Crosby was refused entry reported to have originated in 1951. Celebrity status notwithstanding, he’d failed to meet the dress code. By the end of the decade, Elvis’s workaday duo of jeans and denim jacket was an unnerving proposition for the top echelons of the American middle classes who feared for the morality of their teenage offspring. For his young fan base, this guaranteed the appearance s style distinguishing a new kind of pop culture hero who had the assurance to celebrate his roots.

It’s no coincidence that denim has earmarked other revolutionary musicians ever since. Flick to Blondie frontwoman on stage wearing a cropped denim jacket teamed with jeans tucked into knee-high boots, her eyes circled with kohl. Or Sade, while sporting jeans and a shirt the British-Nigerian singer and songwriter who, back in the Eighties, revitalised the idea of femininity in pop music.

Nobody has hit on on the power-down button on the trend that was double-denim because its egalitarian powers are unchanged. And, alongside Lauren Hutton and Rihanna, that’s a pretty good principle to dress by.