Embroidery Tattoos are a THING!

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Embroidery isn’t just for your grandmom’s inspirational throw pillows anymore. Now you can put it on your body in the form of a tattoo, too! Embroidery tattoos are a thing now! I’m poking fun at embroidery, but honestly, as a tattoo trend this one is wholesome and nice. Cringe-worthy inspirational quote or beautiful picture – embroidery tattoos look nice and pretty. Here are 15 examples of how nice a good embroidery tattoo can look!



Embroidery, but macho
I mean, Johny Bravo is the epitome of cringe-worthy masculinity, but as a 90s kid myself I can’t help but feel some sort of nostalgic connection to him. And if you want to add some “soft” to the “macho” you can get it in an embroidered style!


Embroidery, but geek
Look, you have to have a higher level of intellect to understand that there are more levels of irony in this embroidered tattoo than there are dimensions in our universe. Wabalabadubdub!


Leg Tattoos
Even though I’ve mostly seen these tattoos on shoulders and arms, they also make great leg tattoos. This one here is a traditional Moldovan pattern that is also commonly present on their national clothing. However, any flower can make a great embroidery tattoo for your leg if you include its stem and leaves!



Elegant Circle
There are as many patterns for embroidery tattoos as there are ways to embroider. Cross-stitching, running stitches, zig-zag stitches, and more. If you have a preferred type of stitch, a skilled tattoo artist will be able to mimic the texture and pattern of the stitch on your arm.


Bird is the Word
A great way to make your embroidery tattoo stand out is to surround it by a more classic tattoo style. Here you can see the embroidered bird juxtaposed with the branch it is sitting on and the berries in the background. Going for an embroidered pattern is a great way to add a unique touch to an old and classic tattoo idea.