Amazon Polly Adds Arabic Language Support

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Amazon Polly is a service that turns text into lifelike speech. Today, we are capable to announce Zeina, the first Arabic voice for Amazon Polly. Zeina is a female voice that is natural-sounding and clear.

Used by over 400 million people, Arabic is among the languages on earth. Zeina follows the MSA pronunciation, which could be the frequent broadcasting standard over the region. MSA might sometimes sound formal since it differs from day-to-day speaking style. It ’ s the linguistic thread that links the worldwide.

Amazon Polly customers who plan to use Zeina’ s voice comprise Emirates NBD – a leading bank in the Middle East that has introduced an AI powered virtual assistant, Duolingo – a globally operating eLearning platform offering a portfolio of 84 language classes for more than 30 distinct languages, and iTranslate – a top translation and dictionary app that provides text translation and also voice-to-voice discussions in over 100 languages.

With the addition of Arabic language support, the Amazon Polly portfolio includes 59 voices across 29 languages. You can check out the full listing from the Voices in Amazon Polly part of our documentation.