6 Female TV Characters That Deserve Their Spinoff

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TV series are typically packed with enthralling ever-changing characters, storylines that were tumultuous, and drama. Main characters are the meat of any TV show, but theyrsquo;d be nothing without a supporting character’s aid. Whether sidekick into a male main character or a fellow female lead, female supporting characters have experienced historic impacts of some of the best TV shows of our time. There are supporting characters that have what it takes to carry their own TV show. And while their own weight is held by initial series , occasionally spinoff series are even better than their counterparts that are first. Although there are lots of worthy of mention, here are 6 TV characters who deserve their own spinoff.

Pam Swynford de Beaufort of True Blood
Even though there are so many supporting and main characters of True Blood, Pam made herself known with her quick wits and dark comedy. It would be interesting to see a show centered around her character exploring more of her character that is sociopathic, yet extremely loyal.

Poussey of Orange is the New Black
Poussey got a good amount of screen time but there was left to be desired when it came to her character exploration. She was among the very cool and interesting characters of the show, and may certainly carry a spinoff delving into her experiences , cultural uniqueness, and friendship.